St.Patty’s and the rapidly approaching solstice

Spring is here. Sort of. It will snow, and there will be rain and wind and sun and sandhill cranes. But for now, all we can do is enjoy a few (albeit unusual) cocktails with good friends and tie some bugs while waiting for the hatches of April to really shift the spring fishing into high gear.


MTF is offering a pretty good deal for spring fishing, and we are really flexible when it comes to dates. Want to fish a day or two in April or May, but you’re afraid of getting snowed/hailed/rained/lightninged (not a real word) on? Ask us about our package deals. During the spring months, we can offer guided fishing trips that work around the weather. Book 1 or 2 days of fishing with us within a 2 or 3 day window. For example, say that you’re coming down to Dillon from Bozeman, and the crowded rivers up there, for a weekend and want to fish one day. You can book one day of fishing with us over a Saturday and Sunday window. If the weather is good on Saturday, we fish! If the weather is better on Sunday, we fish then! If the weather is not-so-great both days, we still fish one day, but at least we tried. If the weather is great both days, you can also opt to add a second day of guided fishing while you’re in town already. That’s the beauty of it – we will block off a few days for you and be flexible. Let us know, and don’t be shy. Shoot us an email if you have any questions about guided fishing trips, no matter what time of year you are thinking of fishing in Montana.